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Which Hangers Are Best For Clothes?

How much thought do you give to your hangers? Unless you have a job in a retail or fashion store, we guess you don’t pay that much attention to what is in your closet. If it is messy and disorganized, your hangers are the ones to blame. Yet, how do you know which hangers are best for clothes? Yup, the type and the size of hangers matters if you want to ensure your garments last longer and retain tip-top shape. Mismatched, flimsy, cheap hangers, especially wired ones, will ruin your fav pieces of clothing in no time. It is about time to set things in order and say goodbye to crappy hangers. 7 Types of Hangers by Material 1.   ...

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Who Invented Hangers?

Who Invented Hangers? Clothes hangers serve a purpose as simple as their design. At the same time, this seemingly basic item changed the way we live and our culture to a great extent. Some people rarely give much thought to the origin of their wardrobe assistants and don’t even have the idea about who invented hangers. Yet, some of us praise the loving support hangers provide to our prized possessions. There’s so much to acknowledge about this humble but revolutionary item – the embodiment of human intelligence, ingenuity, creativity, and progress. Most of us wouldn’t think hangers have their own secrets but they do – and here’s what has been happening behind our grand-mothers and grand-fathers’ wardrobe doors two centuries...

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Closet Organization Tips & 9 Recommendations to Clean Up Your Messy Closet

Closet Organization Tips & 9 Recommendations to Clean Up Your Messy Closet: Messy closet? Rummaging through an unorganized closet can add chaos and time to your daily dress routine. Save yourself some time and frustration with an organized wardrobe, so you can focus on what really matters: looking good.  Check out these closet organization tips and tools to get your messy closet reorganized. Mainly, clutter is caused by a lack of space. When this is the case, the only solution is to create more space (obviously). There are several creative ways to add storage to your closet with shelving, organizers, storage containers and racks. Keep reading for simple and efficient suggestions.   Have a Custom Closet Designed and Installed -...

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How To Grow Your IG Following Starting From 0

Here is how to grow your IG following starting from 0, courtesy of the redrO team!  Over the past few months (Late September -> Late March) redrO grew its IG following from 0 to 10,000 followers. Just the beginning, but a cool achievement for sure. This was completely organic, we had 0 outside/celeb help, none of us even referenced redrO from our personal accounts. Strictly organic. We legitimately know maybe 9 of the (now 12k) followers.  We have had a few people ask how it was possible. Here’s how:   1 - Constant Content  You have to be engaged with your audience. You also have to be adding value. The best way to do that on IG is by posting. ...

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Best Men’s Socks – Types, Materials, and Styling Tips

  White tube and plain black socks are so passé but still – you can go wrong with the basics. The standard has changed a little bit in favor of bold-colored and patterned hosiery. Today, we are slipping into sock selection and giving you hints on how to find the best men’s socks that are both comfy and trendy.  We guess you wouldn’t want to go wrong with such a simple element of your outfit. That’s why we decided to go through some styling tips with you as well. Don’t neglect interesting shifts in the men’s section but embrace them and show off your playful side to the world.  The Most Common Types of Socks and How to Style Them ...

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