redrO = Order

Life can be chaotic, your closet shouldn't be.


Quality Over Quantity - Always

Here are redrO, we believe you should buy less shit, instead focusing on high quality clothing. Take a look at some of our favorite brands here. We're huge believers in a lean wardrobe. By having a handful of carefully curated, high quality / go to outfit options, you streamline your life and your closet. 


We're Particular

Its tough to describe how much better your closet looks with our hangers. The dark mahogany texture coupled with the modern black hook just looks great. The feeling you get looking in at that closet every morning is legitimately night and day. At least for us. And our clientele. 



The "Shoulder Nipple" 

We've all had that "god damnit" moment when you put on a sweater, T shirt, or suit that has been hanging for too long on a shitty hanger... The shoulder nipple! 

With redrO's hangers, not only to you have ultra wide shoulders to cut down on this sort of issue, you also have felt tips, that increase the surface area of clothing to hanger ratio. This removes the shoulder nipple problem altogether! 




Look, when people see your closet, they notice, and they remember. It's a part of your day, every day, multiple times a day. 


It's an intimate thing to share with someone. Not only do you feel better getting dressed every morning, you're going to impress your significant other. They notice stuff like that :) 

*** Share before and after photos on IG and we'll tag ya!!! 


We Like Nice Things 

Look, they're not .25 cent hangers. That's not our target demographic. These are a quality product that is built to last a lifetime. They way we see it, a few hundred dollar investment to protect and showcase a wardrobe that you've spent > $10k on and countless hours perfecting is absolutely deserving of bad ass hangers. 

 As we've went through life, we've come to the conclusion, you get what you pay for. 

Our Founder, Chris Keith, says:

"I never regret overspending on the things I want and like. That makes me happy. Regrets come from under-spending and being disappointing or missing the opportunity altogether."

We couldn't agree more. 


Closets are a necessity, not a luxury.


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