Which Hangers Are Best For Clothes?

Stylish, gray men’s trousers and two shirts hung on black wooden hangers.

How much thought do you give to your hangers? Unless you have a job in a retail or fashion store, we guess you don’t pay that much attention to what is in your closet. If it is messy and disorganized, your hangers are the ones to blame. Yet, how do you know which hangers are best for clothes?

Yup, the type and the size of hangers matters if you want to ensure your garments last longer and retain tip-top shape. Mismatched, flimsy, cheap hangers, especially wired ones, will ruin your fav pieces of clothing in no time. It is about time to set things in order and say goodbye to crappy hangers.

7 Types of Hangers by Material

1.      Plastic Hangers

Colorful men’s shirts hung on plastic hangers and placed on a rack in a fashion-store


Probably the most common type, plastic hangers, when picked wisely, could be a good choice for storing your polo shirts and T-shirts. These can pop some color in your wardrobe – just in case you care about the aesthetic part as well.

However, finding a quality plastic hanger is a lottery. It would be best to find the ones that are constructed of thick plastic (for instance, thicker than 40grams). Smooth and seamless, you can go for this type if you are not looking for a piece that will take care of your highest-quality garments.

To sum it up, these are the downsides of using plastic hangers:

  • Short life,
  • Flimsy,
  • Can’t preserve the ideal shape of your garments,
  • Due to a wide range of plastic hanger colors, you are more likely to have a mismatching closet.

2. Metal Hangers

This type features an attractive finish and durable construction. As chic as they can be, metal hangers are almost indestructible. Still, we wouldn’t recommend this type, except for guest closets and office reception rooms. Strong and long-lasting, metal hangers can take on coats, blazers, and jackets.

3. Acrylic Hangers

If you would like to give you closet an upscale makeover, acrylic hangers are the way to go. This choice can make you feel like you are picking clothes from a high-end boutique every time you open your wardrobe. Relatively durable, you can hang coats, pants, and blazers to acrylic hangers.

4. Padded Hangers

A well-padded hanger is essential if you want to prevent delicate knits from shedding. The same applies to eveningwear. You can use these for costumes, jackets, and other precious pieces of formal wear that require a lot of care. On the other hand, you don’t need your closet full of padded hangers – three to four are more than enough.

5. Wire Hangers

Wire hangers make the second budget-friendly option, besides their plastic counterparts. They are easy to store and you can use them for hanging T-shirts and polo shirts, but they won’t retain their shape for more than just a couple of months. Thin and too plain, this type won’t add that sleek touch to your closet but a cheap one.

Even worse – wire hangers are prone to corrosion and rust, which can cause permanent damage to your clothing.  They are also quite notorious so avoid this type if you don’t like horror movies.

6. Velvet

Another stylish, luxurious, Instagram-like type of hangers is made of velvet. Velvet prevents slipping, holds up silky and thin materials, and retains their shape. Most velvet hangers come with indentations that make it more convenient to hang your clothes.

The only thing to be careful about is not to hang kinda wet garments on these hangers. Pieces of clothing that are not completely dry will make the velvet lose some of its color or even transfer it to your clothes.

7. Wood Hangers

A variety of styles, sizes, and thicknesses of wood hangers makes this type fairly suitable for all types of garments. Whether it be eveningwear, sweaters, coats, suits, or pants – these make a great fit. Robust yet sleek, a wood hanger is a statement piece you need if your aim is to organize your clothes in a classy and elegant way.


An example of well-organized, walk-in men’s closet where pants, shirts, and jackets are hung on wood hangers

Types of Hangers for Different Clothes

1. Clip Hangers

Some gents prefer hanging their pants instead of folding them. Clip hangers are easy-peasy to use and prevent wrinkling of your slacks and jeans. You can also hang sports shorts such as bike and cargo shorts on clip top hangers. Wood hangers with clips might be a great choice if you want your trousers to be crease-free and your closet more appealing to the eye. You can also attach separate clips to a standard hanger.

2. Open-Ended Hangers

Open-ended hangers make a separate type of hangers designed for pants only. These are very functional and eliminate creasing completely, although you would have to spend some extra money if you want them in your closet.

3. Suit Hangers

When you buy a suit, you will probably get a convenient hanger with it. Curved, wide-shouldered hangers are designed for suits specifically. These wide shoulder pads preserve the shape of your suits. It would be a pity to invest hundreds of dollars or even thousands into a suit and hang it on a cheaply-made hanger.

4. Shirt Hangers

Shirts, pajamas, and lingerie fit best on padded hangers. As we already mentioned, these hangers make the best choice for delicate and expensive fabrics. You can find elegant and masculine canvas-covered and black padded hangers. Optionally, you can attach clips to them.

Say No to Cheap and Readily Available Hangers

Resist the temptation of buying colorful and cheap hangers. An average or above-average 12-pack of hangers is not a deal you should be looking for. Whether it be plastic or wire hangers, none of them is functioning as they should be. Rely on the quality and workmanship of your hangers instead of their price and your closet will look better instantly.

Which Hangers Are Best For Clothes Then?

If we eliminate plastic and wire hangers completely, we still have a couple of options to choose from – velvet, acrylic, metal, padded, and wood. Each type features numerous advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s consider some of the most important factors when deciding which hangers are best for clothes:

  • Are they sturdy enough? Bendable or flexible hangers won’t preserve your garment structure.
  • How much weight they can take on? You need hangers that can hold jeans, winter jackets, coats, and suits.
  • Do they reduce wrinkling? There’s nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. Don’t accept anything besides a set of hangers that can eliminate creasing.
  • How long will your hangers last? Investing in a hanger that can last for a lifetime is a great return of value.
  • Do they offer special design features – clips or notches?
  • Do they contribute to the overall look of your wardrobe?

Having all these factors in mind leads us towards several conclusions. Hangers sold at local stores can’t provide you with the quality you expect. Mismatched colors in your wardrobe disturb its aesthetics. Sturdy and durable, wood hangers ensure your garments stay in tip-top shape and prevent wrinkling and thick all of the boxes we listed.

Premium hardwood hangers give your garments the cohesive look and a distinct touch. If you want to upgrade your looks, start from organizing your closet first.


Although the choice of hangers seems like a small thing, but makes a big difference. Identical, sleek, and functional, hangers made of wood are a must-have. Now that you know which hangers are best for clothes, we have no doubts you will transform your closet and your style, starting with these high-quality pieces.