Closet Organization Tips & 9 Recommendations to Clean Up Your Messy Closet

Closet Organization Tips & 9 Recommendations to Clean Up Your Messy Closet:

Messy closet? Rummaging through an unorganized closet can add chaos and time to your daily dress routine. Save yourself some time and frustration with an organized wardrobe, so you can focus on what really matters: looking good. 

Check out these closet organization tips and tools to get your messy closet reorganized.

Mainly, clutter is caused by a lack of space. When this is the case, the only solution is to create more space (obviously). There are several creative ways to add storage to your closet with shelving, organizers, storage containers and racks. Keep reading for simple and efficient suggestions.


Have a Custom Closet Designed and Installed - Specifically For Your Space! 

Companies like California Closets specialize and focus on just this sort of thing! They are completely willing to work with whatever space you have available. It could be a massive, walk-in closet for two people, or just a simple reach-in closet meant to maximize your small loft in the city. 

Sometimes you can get a great closet setup for a reasonable price - so don't automatically discount the idea! 

This sort of system does wonders for making your living space look far more inviting. You can also maximize your space. The worst part about many closets is the lack of space and the absolute lack of athletics. Closet organizers get rid of that immediately. 

We’re huge believers in the fact that having an organized closet it a vital part of your day. It just makes everything cleaner and starts you off on the right foot. Can’t emphasize this enough!

custom closet


Install a Closet System Yourself

Installing a closet system is the #1 way to organize your entire wardrobe. A closet system is a combination of rods, shelves, and drawers built into your closet to create space and division for your clothes and accessories. While installing a closet system is generally a 1-step solution, this is a project that requires time, commitment (and sometimes a pretty penny), so you might want to cancel your weekend plans. Check out this simple closet system from Wayfair that’s under $150. 

examples of a custom closet system

Add Shelves 

Adding extra shelves is another way to create more space within the closet walls and reduce items on the closet floor. Wall shelves also create a permanent space for folded or hanging clothes to live. Installing closet shelves is fairly simple, and you can perfectly adjust them to your reaching height. 

Check out these easy-install adjustable length wire shelves from Amazon. (They add 12 feet of hanging shelf space to the closet!)

If you decide to go the custom route, you could have wooden shelves, like the ones pictured below as well. It just looks extremely clean.  


Use Organizers

Using organizers can help you declutter casual clothes and objects in your closet. They are also perfect if you’re a renter who can’t make drastic modifications to the property, or if you’re just not a DIY home-improvement type of guy (no judgment, here).

This hanging organizer is a cheap, simple solution to store lightweight items (it holds up to 45 lbs). It features side storage pockets for accessories like sunglasses, and full-on drawers for t-shirts, socks, underwear and more.  

You can also try over-the-door and in-drawer organizers like this set from Wayfair. This offers a simple, space-saving solution that you can conceal.

Organizers also help to hide clutter. When you have organizers, the contents hidden in the organizers may very well be cluttered, but from the outside, you can’t see it at all! This is a pro tip for keeping a clean closet! 

white closet organizer


Use a Garment Rack

A garment rack is also a great option to hang clothes if you have limited space, and don’t want to install permanent shelving. You can try a simple garment rack that you can place in the bedroom, bathroom, or inside of the closet. Or, you can opt for a covered garment rack to give your clothes extra protection in the house or storage. 


Add a Shoe Rack

If you have a surplus of shoes (first of all, good for you), adding a shoe rack will help give your shoes proper storage. A cube style shoe rack provides room for your favorite pairs of shoes, as well as accessories. You can include small accessory trays in empty cubbies to store watches, sunglasses and more. Don’t you just love a 2-for-1? (If you do, you’ll love the next item.)

If you want to splurge on something fancier (and even more functional), check out this shoe organizer that also doubles as a full-length mirror, so you can check your fit from head to toe.

wooden shoe rack

Hang Your Clothes

Obviously, here at redrO, we take great pride in organizing our closet, hence putting out this article, closet organization tips and 9 tools you can use to organize your closet! 

Hangers are a huge part of your closet aesthetic! Perhaps the largest piece. 

With redrO hangers, you are honestly taking the look and feel of your closet up to the next level. It’s a subtle shift that actually moves mountains. 

Because we have wide mahogany hangers, with felt tips, you are increasing the surface area that your clothing is sticking to, removing the pesky shoulder nipple from much of the clothing you’re currently fighting with.

But the best part (or at least the most pleasing to the eye when looking at your clothing) of our hangers is likely the ultra-modern black hook, pictured below: 

redro hanger - modern black hook

Once you have a couple of these in your closet, you can’t go back! It completely changes the dynamic of your hanging experience. Something you cannot unsee! 

Additionally, at redrO, we believe that less is more. We buy higher-quality clothing, and pay a premium for it. So absolutely, we are hanging up our T-shirts. Our shirt hangers are perfect for that sort of thing. 

While it seems like such a pesky chore to re-hang clothes after doing laundry, hanging your clothes can drastically improve the aesthetics of your closet. So grab your clothes off the floor and the infamous chair and get them on some hangers. Obviously, we recommend an assortment of high-quality luxury hangers from the redrO collection.

Color Coordinate Your Clothing After You Hang It Up

We can’t describe the massive difference this makes after you get everything hanging! See below:

closet with color coordinate shirts and nice hangers

The difference here is stark. Trust us. After you buy your hangers, color-coordinate, then just stay on top of it. You’ll thank us, promise!!


Have a Seasonal Clothing Rotation

It's easy to keep your closet from feeling cluttered by rotating your clothing when the seasons change! We recommend keeping a Spring/Summer rotation as well as Fall/Winter rotation. 

Not only will the colors match up more succinctly, but you’ll have more space and less clutter based on there being less wearable clothing out in plain sight! 

This is also a great opportunity to get rid of the clothing that you haven’t worn in the past year! No need to hold on to that stuff. Do your best to maintain a lean wardrobe

This is also a perfect opportunity to physically clean your closet as well. Dust easily builds up over time, so be sure to dust/wipe/vacuum all surfaces that need it.

Get organizing! 

Give your wardrobe and your ‘get ready’ routine the organization it deserves. Try one (or a combination) of these helpful tips to get your closet and yourself re-organized. Share your closet organization pictures and tag @orderredro on Instagram - we’re always looking to give people a shoutout!! 

If you have any questions or concerns, always reach out to as well. If you’re looking at a bulk hanger order for your entire closet, or have business needs/inquiries, we can help! It’s fun being in scrappy, startup mode. Flexibility is paramount for us. We’ll do our best to take care of ya! 

So, in conclusion, here are your closet organization tips and 9 tools you need to fix your messy closet:

  1. Custom Closet - designed for your space
  2. Self Install Closet Organizers
  3. Shelving
  4. Organizers 
  5. Garment Rack
  6. Shoe Rack
  7. Hanger More Clothing
  8. Color Coordinate
  9. Seasonal Rotation / Annual Cleaning
Feel free to send the pics of your newly organized closet to @orderredro on IG! We'll be sure to tag you! 


Happy Organizing.