How To Pack Hangers

How to Pack Hangers

Hangers are bulky, tend to tangle, and will take up a lot of room, right? Think twice! If you need a quick tip about packing your clothes and keeping them neat and crisp, you should learn how to pack hangers first. 

Yet, we would have to mention troublesome items such as jewelry, glassware, pieces of art, and – hangers require special attention when being transported. A single mistake can result in dozens of damaged belongings. Thus, we are shedding the light on the art of hanger packing down below. 

How to Pack Bare Hangers 

If you don’t want to hang any clothes, but pack your hangers separately, here is what you should do:

  1. Sort your hangers by size into groups,
  2. Count how much hangers there are in one group, 
  3. Secure each group with packing tape, rubber bands (don’t overstretch, as this would make the rubber snap and cause hangers to scratch each other), or ties at the top hook and connect it to the middle bottom so no hanger moves,
  4. Place them in a box or suitcase so the bottom edges face the middle. If you have hangers of different sizes, lay the largest ones at one side of the box, and smaller ones on the opposite, but make sure to point them in different directions and hook the tops together.  

It would be nice to cushion the inner-space with other items you plan on moving and ensure a tight seal so the hangers stay in place.  

How to Sort Hangers with Clothes On 

If you are packing for a trip, you can pack your clothes and hangers in a suitcase easily. 

After you place the clothes on the hangers, lay them on a flat surface. The fronts of your clothes should be faced down and you should leave the hooks of your hangers at the edge. 

Fold the clothes gently – arms folded in. Pull out any wrinkles and fold once or twice more. In case your clothes still tend to wrinkle, insert a dry and clean plastic bag between layers. 

It’s time to place folded clothes into the suitcase. Yet, when packing, make sure not to over-pack if you want everything to stay crisp until the final destination.

How to Pack Your Clothes and Hangers in a Garment Bag

Garment bags may be a better solution than suitcases if you are wearing suits on your trips. These bags come with protected sleeves and you can choose between different shapes and sizes. Robust, garment bags are equipped with clamps that keep hangers in place and prevent your suits from wrinkling. 

Clean and press your clothes beforehand packing. Lay a garment bag on a large and flat surface. Hang one to three items on a hanger (sleeveless shirts go well with jackets, shirts with blazers and sport coats). Also, scarves and belts are easy to tuck in underneath. 

Pack your items so each of them is on the back. This way, you will prevent the front from wrinkling. Double-check whether the hangers are well attached to the clip and close the bag. Also, it would be great if you can find a couple of non-slip designed hangers, as these make sure the clothes stay in place. 

Potential Problems when Hanging Clothes 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to sort your items appropriately. Otherwise, you may face one of the related potential problems in the process:

  • Throwing hangers randomly takes space. When they don’t fit your boxes or suitcases nicely, you would have to use bring a space case with you or use a bunch of extra boxes. 
  • Even though not specifically fragile, hangers still can move and snap. Other items can put pressure by jostling around and bend or break your hangers. Of course, this has a lot to do with their quality. Plastic hangers are more prone to snapping than those made of wood. 
  • Some hangers get hooked onto each other easily. When not organized properly, these will create a mess during transport, and you will, highly likely, just throw them away when you spot this scene after opening the box. 


Packing hangers is a no-brainer, and once you get familiar with our tips, you will know how to arrange your clothes like a pro. Yet, this seemingly simple task can go wrong if you are being careful about the way you arrange them.

We have explained both ways how to pack hangers – when going for a trip of when moving. Either way, keep your garments crisp and secure by closing all the fasteners. If you don’t give them much space to move, the fresher they will look when you get them out. Happy packing!

Lastly, make sure your hangers are the best hangers available, redrO hangers :)