Best Men’s Socks – Types, Materials, and Styling Tips


White tube and plain black socks are so passé but still – you can go wrong with the basics. The standard has changed a little bit in favor of bold-colored and patterned hosiery. Today, we are slipping into sock selection and giving you hints on how to find the best men’s socks that are both comfy and trendy. 

We guess you wouldn’t want to go wrong with such a simple element of your outfit. That’s why we decided to go through some styling tips with you as well. Don’t neglect interesting shifts in the men’s section but embrace them and show off your playful side to the world

The Most Common Types of Socks and How to Style Them 

A good outfit starts with a nice pair of socks. Depending on your shoes, pants, and occasion you are dressing for, you can choose between the following types of shoes. 

1.      No-show socks 

Just because your socks are not peeking out, that doesn’t mean you are leaving your house sockless. No-show socks feature a smart design as they won’t slip off the back but they fit comfortably as well. 

Wear the no-show socks with ¾, ankle pants, and jeans. Although this type of socks seems wearable with socks, we would recommend avoiding this combination. 

Be careful when wearing the no-shows with shoes made of stiffer material as these can rub against your skin and you might end up with some nasty blisters. Stay away from high-top shoes, boots, and sandals too.

2.      Ankle socks

Just as their name suggests, these socks sit comfortably above your ankle. Ankle socks are designed to prevent blisters on the back of your leg and protect your ankles from chafing. 

You can style them with sporty outfits, as ankle socks are most suitable for wearing to the gym or when performing another physical activity. Also, we wouldn’t recommend experimenting with textures and colors here. Stick to black, white, gray, and beige variants. 

3.      Mid-calf socks

You simply can’t go wrong with mid-calf socks. These fit great with most outfits – from work suits to tuxedos. This is where your character can come out. Experiment with different shoe styles – loafers, boots, sneakers, oxfords. These are available in a bunch of patterns, colors, and materials so you won’t have a hard time finding your fit. 

4.      Over-the-calf socks

Don’t you just have to pull your socks up? If so, over-the-calf socks might be a good choice. Although these fell out of style, you can find them at a few good retailers. After all, who’s gonna know you are wearing the knee-style socks if you are not showing them off? Just stay away from shorts and ¾ pants and everything will be fine.

What Are the Best Materials for Making Men’s Socks?

Which material you are going to choose largely depends on the season. Go for breathable materials in the summer and naturally warm materials in the winter.

1.      Cotton

Lightweight, breathable, and durable, cotton is king when it comes to layers, especially socks. Make sure to have at least a couple of cotton socks in your drawer.

2.      Wool

If you are into skiing or hiking, a pair of warm and comfy wool socks is a must. Wool doesn’t absorb moisture so your socks won’t turn smelly either. Yet, make sure to find a blend of wool and other synthetic material, as pure wool can irritate the skin.

3.      Cashmere

Somewhere in-between the summer and the winter season, a pair of super-soft and comfortable cashmere socks will come handy. If you take good care of these and commit yourself to hand washing, your pairs will last for a while.

4.      Silk

Although the least practical option, silk socks give you that luxurious feel you need when attending black tie and formal events.

Bonus Tips

  • Invest in a good pair of ribbed socks in a neutral color and you will add an interesting twist to your whole outfit.
  • Color-block is one of the hottest trends. If you dress, let’s say – all-black and combine with yellow or orange socks, you’ll nail it.
  • Polka dots, stripes, or argyle are safe picks with jeans.
  • Avoid mixing patterns, even the ones that are very alike.


If people would spend as much time and energy on picking out socks as much as they do when picking shoes, this world could be a better place. It’s not only about the style (though largely it is) but about comfort as well. 

Your socks should be getting slightly more thought if you want to find the best men’s socks. We did a quick breakdown of the most common materials used, types of socks, and gave you a couple of easy-to-implement styling tips so you can make those layers as sleek as your outside is.