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How to Wear a Pocket Watch

How To Wear A Pocket Watch If you are like us, then you like nice things. That particularly applies to how we dress and what we wear. The perfect way to finish a tailored suit or waistcoat and pants combo is with a pocket watch. Pocket watches were once the standard for men's fashion. The advent of the World Wars found men turning to luminescent wristwatches instead. Once an heirloom passed from father to son, you likely are wondering how to wear a pocket watch today. Types of Pocket Watches Movements Period timepieces date to the early 20th century and run on an internal wind-up mechanism. The highest quality are of Swiss origin and found from antique dealers. Modern quartz...

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How to Style Leather Bracelets for Men

Falling into the category of casual fashion, leather bracelets for men are an instant style booster. You can spot most bloggers wearing this trendy accessory. If you would like to become a part of the stylish crew, make sure not to skip a must-have for the following season – leather bracelet. And yes, you can wear a bracelet and still be masculine. Many men can get through without one, as wearing it is optional but a bracelet is a noticed accent of any outfit. Why would you miss a chance to make an impression? Hand-made, double wrap, you have a wide selection to choose from. Also, leather bracelets are inexpensive and you can find them at local shops, malls, or...

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Best Men’s Watches Under $500 in 2020

Investing in a good watch is one of the most significant investments in your style. It would be best to find a piece that is somewhere in-between an entry-level price point and a price you would pay for a small studio flat. Today, we are presenting 5 the best watches under $500 for men in our opinion.  This is more than a reasonable price for gents who want to draw some attention and complete their already stylish outfits. It is still a bit of investment, but when you consider perks of a nice watch (your boss, peers, and ladies will take you more seriously and you will appear more classy), we guess you won’t regret spending a bit extra.  Top...

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How To Tie An Ascot

How to Tie an Ascot An Ascot tie looks fancy as it sounds, but an Ascot knot is way simpler than it seems. This casual, but also formal when you style it so, variant of a silk tie gives you such a nice feel around the neck. Do you know how to tie an Ascot?  All you need is a medium-length, bulkier scarf (not the silky one, as it will make you look feminine) and some fine motor skills. Yet, it would be a pity to skip the part of an Ascot tie origins. You can find a bunch of interesting facts about it besides the know-how technique down below.  What Is an Ascot? Some of you may be thinking...

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Best Cigars for Beginners – An Amateur’s Guide

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to light a cigar? We understand your curiosity, but let us introduce this guide to you beforehand you get to actually smoke it. Here, we will share tips on how do you spot the best cigars for beginners. If you opt for just whichever cigar, you won’t get that exceptional savor you expect. Many of us have always fancied the idea of being Tony Montana. If this is you, the following lines will teach you everything you need to know before you fire it up.  What Makes a Cigar? Starting with the basics, here’s what makes a cigar: Size and shape, Body and strength, Wrapper leaf, binder, and filler tobacco. 1. ...

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