How to Style Leather Bracelets for Men

Falling into the category of casual fashion, leather bracelets for men are an instant style booster. You can spot most bloggers wearing this trendy accessory. If you would like to become a part of the stylish crew, make sure not to skip a must-have for the following season – leather bracelet.

And yes, you can wear a bracelet and still be masculine. Many men can get through without one, as wearing it is optional but a bracelet is a noticed accent of any outfit. Why would you miss a chance to make an impression?

Hand-made, double wrap, you have a wide selection to choose from. Also, leather bracelets are inexpensive and you can find them at local shops, malls, or order online.

Yet, where this trend came from? How do you style a bracelet? Find out more in the following lines!

How It All Started

Only a couple of years ago, wristwatches were a must for stylish gents. Yet, the advent of smartphones put wristwatches in the back seat and caused a shift towards bracelets. This new accessory appeared as quite interesting, catchy, offbeat, but also more affordable in comparison to wristwatches.

How to Style a Leather Bracelet?

Even though not the centerpiece, a well-chosen leather bracelet gives a distinct touch to any outfit. Just like any piece of jewelry, it elevates your look and completes it.

You should know styling it is a no-brainer. It mostly depends on your style and the outfits you are most comfortable with. For instance, if you are a man in the business, you wear suits and ties on a regular basis. If so, simple bracelets or those with discreet metallic accents will fit into your outfits naturally and give you an even more upscale look.

Still, note that clunky metal variants are usually not as durable as you would expect. Sliding back and forth, coming in contact with water, and scratching can make your metal bracelet wear out fast.

On the other hand, if you are into more laid back fashion (wrap pants, comfy shirts), rope or beaded bracelets will fit into more naturally and create a slightly edgy look. Bracelets with etched names, tags, and symbols would also fit.

You can choose between wide and thick or thin and narrow pieces. Make sure to have your wrist shape and your figure in mind as well. If you have a wide wrist, go for a wider bracelet, and vice versa. If you opt for a weighty bracelet, it is a must to make it snug.

Although it looks more natural to wear your leather bracelet tight, loose-fitted variants are acceptable as well, especially lightweight rope-and-bead pieces due. Thankfully, you can experiment with a bunch of bracelet models, show off our style through details, but remain playful at the same time.

Types of Leather Bracelets for Men

  1.       Leather bead bracelets

Leather bead bracelets are charming and casual. One, two, or multiple beads can be inserted between the straps. This gives an interesting twist and makes this type of bracelet a great fit with jeans and shirts.

  1.       Multi gemstones leather bracelets

Unique and colorful, these bracelets come with numerous gemstones threaded through the layers of leather. Accessorize it with casual outfits and avoid glamorous ones, as this type is rather boho or vintage but still very charming.

  1.       Anchor shape leather bracelets

If you are looking for a perfect accessory to show off your personality, an anchor shape bracelet might be the one. This combination of rope and metal will display your character but also make you appear more fashionable.

  1.       Steel and leather bracelets

Level up your game with this steel and leather combination and make a strong statement that you are tough as steel. You can choose between matt and glossy finish to make your bracelet fit better into your outfits.

  1.       Personalized leather bracelets

Versatile and stylish, personalized leather bracelets are easy to style. Yet, the best thing about them is that you can add a personal touch to it – your name, name of your beloved one, or a favorite quote. It allows you to create an accessory that fully describes you.


Although the not-so-new trend, leather bracelets still create a lot of buzz in men’s accessories. If you haven’t incorporated one of these into your style, we are sure you will after reading our article. Leather bracelets for men are here, and they will stay for the good so make sure not to miss an opportunity to prove to the world you know how to keep up what the fashion industry is throwing at you.