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How to Wear Suspenders in 2020

Suspenders are one of the more uncommon (and perhaps under-rated) men’s fashion accessories. This bold and practical accessory has been a statement piece in menswear since the 1820s, but has definitely fallen off in modern-day men’s fashion. More often than not, suspenders are associated with the persona of a stern, old-school man (think mobsters, principals, your grandpa and Larry King) or the stereotypical nerd (think Steve Urkel, enough said). Here are a few styling tips to wear suspenders without looking like your grandpa...or a complete dork. What are suspenders? If you’re going to wear suspenders, it’s important to understand what suspenders actually are. Also described as “suit braces”, suspenders are a functional accessory worn over your shoulders that attach to...

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What Is Pique Fabric?

Cotton, linen, polyester, rayon – the list of shirting materials goes on and on. Yet, when wading through these materials, you will bump across pique as well. This one is more on the formal side, yet not overly formal, but you can style it easily with sportswear, too. How do you pronounce it, what is pique fabric, and where does it stand in the blank apparel industry? If you are a fan of polo shirts, this timeless wardrobe staple can be a good clue to the answers you are looking for. Most people don’t know, but they are already familiar with pique! Here’s an in-depth overview of this amazing fabric. How Do You Pronounce It? Pique fabric certainly piques curiosity....

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What Is A Bomber Jacket?

We live in the golden age of bomber jackets. There have never been that many awesome models you can style so well with basically anything. Many gents who want to look fresh and put together but not too formal opt for this popular model. Yet, what is a bomber jacket? What’s the story behind it? The main reason bomber jackets are so popular is the versatility and relevancy to all ages. Just slip into one and you’ll appear more attractive instantly (a masculine military vibe is the one to “blame”). An ideal choice all-year-round, this piece of apparel features great layering potential. Yet, not so long ago – bomber jackets were center of attention for another reason. Here’s why. History...

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6 Gifts Fashionable Men Actually Want

6 Gifts Fashionable Men Actually Want Let’s face it: gift-giving is hard. Shopping for someone else isn’t easy--especially when shopping for a man with a dapper style. Graphic tees, corny bowties, socks and undies aren’t going to cut it when gift-giving to a fashion-forward guy. Whether you’re shopping for someone else or looking to send a hint, try shopping from our list of best gifts for fashionable men. Sprezza Box subscription  SprezzaBox is a men’s accessory subscription box for a fashionable man. The monthly boxes include a variety of hand-picked accessories like ties, socks, watches, sunglasses and grooming tools valued at over $100 for only $28 per month. This is the perfect gift for a guy who likes to constantly...

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How to Pin a Boutonniere

How to Pin a Boutonniere without Poking Anyone Two of the most awkward moments of every wedding are cake cutting and pinning a boutonniere. If you haven’t pinned before, chances are – those lovely buds are about to turn droopy and crony seconds later. Although you wouldn’t have to deal with this task outside the context of a wedding (or a prom), it’s still good to know how to pin a boutonniere. Wedding photographs witness of a bunch of people failing to pin a flower on themselves or someone else properly. If you don’t want to draw the attention of the camera, make sure to follow our tips. It takes no more than 5 minutes to pin it securely. How...

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