Cocktail Attire For Men

Cocktail Attire for Men

You won’t need to practice party conversation because your outfit will speak for itself.

You’re invited to an event and the invitation says, “Cocktail attire required.” Before you grab your basic black suit off the hanger, consider a few outfit combos that will make for plenty of conversation around the cocktail table.

If cocktail attire is required, you are likely attending a celebratory event (because where there’s a celebration, there are cocktails). In the event that you are celebrating a milestone or a special event, you’ll want to embody the festive vibe of the occasion. Cocktail attire should be formal, modern and fun. Here are a few tips for nailing the dress code without going overboard.

Dress For The Time Of Day (And Occasion)

Generally, daytime cocktail attire for men may include a suit or jacket that is a lighter grey. Darker hues are more appropriate for an evening event, so choose a navy or charcoal jacket or suit set. Unlike formals, funerals or black tie events, cocktail attire is still semi-formal, so it’s unlikely you’ll want to wear a traditional black suit. Also, consider the event that you’re attending. You can dress more playful for your best friend’s birthday dinner versus your boss’ 25th wedding anniversary party.

Try Mixing And Matching

It is generally acceptable to mix and match with cocktail attire to add a bit of contrast. You can pair your sports coat or jacket with a contrasting colored pair of pants, as long as it is complimentary. Go for color combos like brown with navy or grey with navy. Also remember, when mixing and matching suit pieces, it is best to choose a shirt that’s solid and muted.

Introduce Patterns And Textures

Cocktail attire is the perfect dress code to experiment with patterns and textures. Consider a linen jacket for outdoor summer events, or choose a wool or velvet fabric for winter festivities. You can also choose to show a little personality with a subtle pinstripe or plaid patterned jacket. If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, try a patterned tie or pocket square instead.  

Personalize With Accessories

Cocktail attire gives you an excuse to wear statement accessories, like a bold watch, pocket square, cufflinks or tie clip. While you don’t want obnoxiously flashy pieces, it may be a good opportunity to show off your new favorite dress watch. In addition, dress shoes are still highly suggested (no suits with sneakers), so opt for leather dress shoes, oxfords or dress loafers.

Make An Appointment With Your Tailor

Because cocktail attire is an expression of your personality, it should fit you (figuratively and literally). While you don’t need a custom-made tuxedo, a well-fitted jacket and pants provide a custom flair that shows off your best assets. Make an appointment with your tailor to give your suit a perfect fit.

Enjoy The Occasion

Confidence is an accessory that never goes out of style, so wear your outfit with swagger on the day of the event. Cocktail attire is the perfect excuse to experiment with new fashion trends or add a little flair for a special occasion. With these snazzy outfits, you won’t need to practice your party conversation because your outfit will speak for itself.